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       Cultivation of Ceratonia siliqua, the carob tree, has been carried out in Cyprus for almost 2,000 years.

Historical references have been many, as have its uses.


Carob honey is a delicious natural syrup made from the ground seeds of the carob. Aphrodite Delights proudly uses only the purest carob honey to make its fine Pastelaki (nut brittle) which is one of the secrets to it exceptional quality. Following a traditional recipe and made using only the best locally grown peanuts and almonds with select sesame seeds, Aphrodite Delights Pastelaki is a delicious and crispy, healthy snack full of nutritional value.


Interestingly, Pastelaki originates from Ancient Greece. Even the great historian Herodotus referred to it, proclaiming it a tonic as well as a sweet delicacy


Weight 100g Pack size x x mm
Weight 100g Pack size x x mm
Weight 50g Pack size x x mm
Peanut Brittle
Weight 100g Pack size x x mm
Almond Brittle 100g Bar

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